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Book Trailer
"Marc Slade Investigates: The Stephenville UFO"

"The Stephenville UFO event was one
of the most extraordinary and important
such events in recent history.
Ken Cherry's novel explores the case
and its implications in a creative
and unexpected manner. Chillingly possible!"

-- Whitley Strieber

New Editorial by
Dennis G. Balthasar

Concealing the Truth about Roswell

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Aug 24: Dr. Laurel Blyth Tague welcomes Walter Semkiw MD, MPH to discuss his reincarnation research at the Institute of Science, Intuition and Spirit.

Aug 31: Host, Alan B. Smith welcomes back Ted Peters, Research Professor Emeritus in Systematic Theology and Ethics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary to discuss all things spirituality, religion and Transhumanism.

Sep 7: Host, Carole Carle - Guest, TBA

Sep 14: Alan B. Smith with guest and EPIC Voyagers member 
Nick Redfern onto the show to discuss his new book:
"Bloodline of The Gods".

Sep 21: Host, Dr. Rita Louise with EPIC Voyagers member Tom T. Moore to discuss his new book, "Atlantis and Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed". Book and Website

Sep 28th: Host, Aaron Judkins, A.K.A. Maverick - Guest TBA

Oct 5th: Alan B. Smith will be joined by the intrepid Dr. Aaron (Maverick) Judkins to discuss the documentary: "Finding Noah"

Oct 12th:  TBA

Oct 19th: Alan B. Smith is joined by Richard House M.D. Author of "Between Now and When".

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   Conspiracies                                Crop Circles 
Cryptozoology                                ETs/UFOs
           Fringe Science                       Paranormal Activity
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  Phenomena: (n) Observable fact or event.

EPIC was organized to offer an avenue to a level of inquiry that is more than just a four level conclusion; Known, unknown, hoax or inconclusive.

EPIC believes that there is more to events than nuts and bolts that must be explored to find the true meanings and answers to these world events.

EPIC has a Council of forward thinking and sought after professionals in each of its noted fields of study.

EPIC Leadership Teams are designed for each member to have an organized path to all information and tools available when assigned a case or involved in a research project.

EPIC Investigators has a team of experienced specialists to assist them on all events and reports.

EPIC welcomes all of you who come here looking for knowledge about things most people don't think about. From A to Z we will explore, discuss, research, and hopefully, come to some conclusion about the world around us and the things which the general populace will not discuss. We are phenomena Investigators, researchers, media personalities, published  Authors, and truth seekers that have decades of experience and publications. We have gathered together to offer professional and solid inquiry to some of the world's EPIC mysteries.
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